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Guía de aplicación del Real Decreto 1495/2011 por el que se desarrolla la Ley 37/2007 sobre Reutilización de la información del sector público

The purpose of this guide is to inform and facilitate the agencies of the state sector l a necessary information so that you can take place properly adaptations and necessary maintenance tasks in its information systems and web sites. Carried out jointly by the Ministry of finance and Public Administrations and by the ministry of industry, energy and tourism, is published in february 2012.

The guide will describe the steps like models and tools to use and a proposed organisational framework that supports and to support the publication and making available the public Sector information.

Guide of implementation of the royal decree 1495/2011 which develops law 37/2007 on Reuse of public sector information (PDF - 6.88 MB) (Opens in new window) – official publication of 2012 –.




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