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Convenios suscritos con la Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas (CRUE)

AGE (MINHAP) - CRUE Spanish universities. Convention: mutual Benefit of basic solutions of electronic administration

31 August 2016

Framework agreement of collaboration between the General administration of the state (MINHAP) and CRUE Spanish Universities for the mutual benefit basic solutions of electronic administration. (pág.1-15)
This convention was signing on 31/08/2016 by the secretary of state of Public Administrations from the finance ministry and public administrations: D. Associació Beteta Germán Barreda and by the conference of Rectors of Spanish universities (CRUE): D. Second Píriz Durán.

  • NOTE : Also includes the Annex I : (30 p.)
    Technical specifications of the basic solutions of electronic administration :
    I) service of network connection SARA,
    (II) identification Systems and advanced electronic signature: @firma, Cl@ve
    (III) Communications between administrations by electronic means: III.a) Brokerage of data between administrations Públicas.iii.b) Network system records
    (IV) practice of the notification by electronic means: E-mail enabled and catalogue of procedures of the electronic notifications service.
    V) for purposes of representation: Electronic record of Hijacking.
    VI) documentary management systems and file.
    VII) catalogue of procedures and Services: Management information system (SIA)
    Also includes the Annex II : (1 page) Accession agreement

  • Common infrastructure and services
  • Administrative cooperation
  • Electronic services
General access point
General access point

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