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Legal and technological initiatives

101 - The role of the privacy officer or data protection in compliance with data protection regulations

Manuel Villaseca López
Others jurídico-públicas

102 - Electronic procedure: when is simplicity difficult

José Luis Martínez Hernández
Senate of spain

103 - Deployment of the communications network of health of Aragon

Department of health and consumer Aragon. Service of Health
Government of aragón

104 - Dashboard for monitoring the swine flu in Aragon

Antonio Poncel Falcó
Aragon health service - department of health - government of aragón

105 - Security platform Redtrabaja website and its impact on the E-government

Eugenio García Gómez
Public service state job - ministry of labour and immigration

106 - Elements for a comprehensive regulation of e-government in a local authority

José Luis Bermejo Latre
University of Zaragoza

107 - Information system for the management of information of the water framework directive and the hydrological planning

Miguel Ángel Latre Abbey
University of Zaragoza

108 - Voto y encuestas telemáticos en la Universitat Jaume I

Paul Santapau Nebot
Universitat Jaume I

109 - DRUPAL X509: The cost of technology should not be an obstacle to the administration electónica

Modest Fabra Valls, José Luis Congress Díaz, Manuel Mollar Villanueva, Paul Santapau Nebot and Santiago Manzano Romero
Universitat Jaume I

110 - State of e-government in the municipalities of the valencian community

José Luis Congress Díaz
Universitat Jaume I

111 - Towards a new generation of autonomous rules on electronic administration

Agustí Cerrillo Martínez
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

112 - Use of digital identity at the university of Zaragoza. Some experiences of LEFIS UNIZAR PKI system

Fernando Galindo Aid
University of Zaragoza

113 - Access to information of the Central Register Of Companies from other public administrations. An update necessary regulations to the momentum of electronic administration

Fernando Gil Vázquez
Xunta de Galicia

114 - An information system focal point of the orders of protection of domestic violence and gender aspects of the Junta de andalucia

Ana Soledad Ruiz As, Mª José López López, Golden Hope Pérez - Junta de andalucia
Sara Trujillo Conde, Luis lópez de Latvian Sadiel Natera - information technology

115 - Desktop software free city.

Eduardo Romero

116 - ACCESS: platform of processing of Electronic Procedures

Aitor Cube Contreras
Ministry of Territorial policy

117 - Portal of the employee - PRO@

Juan Pedro Nuin del Pino, Nuria Serrano Benavente
Ministry of industry, tourism and trade

118 - Settlement "USB key in hand" for electronic administration. notebook Linux Distribution X.50 certificates

Ricardo Muñoz Fernández - Warp Networks S.L.
The diputación de Teruel

119 - Referral system of electronic documents

Department of Territorial policy, justice and home affairs
Government of aragón

120 - File Digital Único juvenile offenders in andalusia: Comprehensive juvenile justice system (SIJU)

Mª del Mar Herrera Menchén - Junta de andalucia
Rocío Alpresa Maestre, José Antonio Rodríguez Ramírez - SADIEL