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Economic implications and the single market

1 - Motor of processing of administrative records

Ricardo Pereda Goenaga
General Administration of the autonomous community of basque country

2 - VUDS System. One-stop shop for the services directive

Sponsorship Nieto Moreno
General state administration

3 - Document, record and electronic files. Good practices

Mountain Merchán Arribas
General state administration. Ministry of the presidency

04 - The system IMI administrations: Joining the european internal market

Paul Fernández-cid Enríquez
General state administration, ministry of Territorial policy

05 - Administrative contatración on _ line: A reality in the community of Madrid

Arturo Domercq Jiménez, Luis Menéndez Pacheco
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid

06 - Methodology for the simplification and reduction of adminsitrativas burdens from a technical perspective of process engineering

Carlos Izquierdo Fortea
Municipality of castellón de la Plana

07 - Project gvSIG: Evolution of a free software project for geographical information

G. Carrión Rico, Álvaro Anguix Alfaro
Conselleria de infrastructure and Transport Generalitat Valenciana.

08 - Towards e-procurement: platform of recruitment of the State

Gabriel Sánchez Dorronsoro
DG of state property - Ministry of economy and finance

09 - Globalised Management of health services

Txomin Acha Quintana
Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government

10 - Health mortuoria

Txomin Acha Quintana
Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government

11 - El gestor electrónico de expedientes de contratación (GEEC) en el modelo de contratación pública electrónica de Catalunya

Neus Arean Colet
Generalitat de Catalunya. The department of economics and Finance

12 - Teleworking practices in the government of La Rioja. Technology, conciliation and a new management culture

Antonio Ruiz Lasanta
The government of La Rioja

13 - Invoice. A project for electronic invoicing that integrates companies and administrations

Emilio Rodríguez Priego
The government of La Rioja

14 - The model of electronic contracting del Gobierno Vasco: "Passes without.. and call your same" stocked minibar

Cancel Ángel Calvo
The Basque Government

15 - Mobile devices. Continental corporate management of mobile devices

José Antonio Perea Yustres
National statistics institute

16 - The portafirmas corporate electronic (DOCELWEB)

Gonzalo Fernández-victorio Arévalo
General Intervention of state administration

17 - Geographic information system of the Junta de andalucia

Álvaro Zabala Ordóñez
Junta de andalucia

18 - Interconnection of judicial bodies in Andalusia

Carlos Simon Ferrer
Junta de andalucia

19 - Alignment of ict in the ministry of economy and finance with location

Francisco José Doménech Colomer
Junta de andalucía (regional ministry of economy and finance)

20 - Standardization of e-procurement: CODICE and european initiatives for standardization

Eduardo Sánchez Blázquez
Ministry of economy and finance