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Efficiency and sustainability

01 - BI applied to the analysis of tourist visits

Ricardo Pereda Goenaga
General Administration of the autonomous community of basque country

02 - Quality improvement in the development and software with TFS SCRUM

Santiago Vélez Fraga
General state administration

03 - Beijing platform for Brokering: verification of data

Jose Antonio Eusamio Mazagatos
General state administration

04 - Virtualization in the ministry of labour and immigration

Alberto Navarro Moreno
General state administration

05 - Modernized to modernize: Steps of the information technology services division and Information technologies (DITI) to modernize the Justice

Laura Precious of Lorenzo, Angel Value Reed
Ministry of justice

06 - To deal with the crisis as an opportunity: The new CPD of justice

Laura Precious of Lorenzo, Angel Value Reed
The state ministry of Justice.

07 - Creation system Web 2.0 Procedures del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones científicas

Clear Cala Rivero
General Administration. '

08 - Interoperability today lights and shadows.

Ignasi Albors King
Consorci AOC

09 - Exchange of information in the centre of development of the INSS

Manuel Galindo Sanz
Computer management of Social security

10 - The XBRL standard accountability in the budget figures in Spain

Alejandro Amelivia García
Ministry of economy and finance

11 - Analysis of the impact of policy change on the reduction of burdens and the cost of opportunity, in the administrative procedures in the community of Madrid

Mariano Fernández Pérez
Agency for informatics and communications of the community of Madrid

12 - For a more efficient planning

Llorenç Fernandez Matamoros
Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat

13 - The simplification and reduction of administrative burdens with a participatory approach

Ester Manzano Peláez, Alberto Destruction blackberries and Álex Esplugas Constant
Altran in collaboration with the municipality of Mataró

14 - Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) in the Local administration

Juan José Way Irazusta
Ayuntamiento de Aller

15 - The methodology for the classification of the ways of the municipality of castellón de la Plana, through GIS technology

Mª José Gómez López
Municipality of Castellón

16 - Development of a Territorial information system, for the preparation of the Map of sworn statements by traffic accidents, Local police force of the city of Castellón

Mª José Gómez López
Municipality of castellón de la Plana

17 - Administrative simplification in the city of Gandía: Engineering administrative circuits (DOCFLOW) for the efficiency, inteoperabilidad and legal guarantee of electronic administration

Lorenzo Pérez Sarrión, Joan Carles Faus Mascarell - Ayuntamiento de Gandía
Antoni Pui-Pey Saurí, university of Girona

18 - Content syndication Madrid city council

José Luis Cano Giner
Madrid city council

19 - Shared knowledge of open source Technologies

Manuel Velardo Pacheco
MOBILE WORLD. Ministry of Tourism industry and trade

20 - Present and future in the management of the regions: Tools for change management

Rosa Borrell Segarra
County of Jacetania