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XI jornadas on information technologies for the modernization of public administrations (TECNIMAP 2010) - Zaragoza

Tecnimap 2010 Logo

Through PRE/order 2720/2009 of 29 september, (Opens in new window) (BOE: 8 october 2009), convened by information technology for the modernization of public administrations (TECNIMAP 2010).

These Courses were held on 6, 7, 8 and 9 april 2010 in Zaragoza, organized jointly by the ministry of the presidency, the government of aragón and the city of Zaragoza, with the collaboration of the national institute of public administration (INAP), taking to promote a process of knowledge transfer and diffusion of innovation and best practices in the use of information and the development of electronic administration, with a view to reducing the cost of operation of public administrations with a simultaneous improvement of the level of service. It has also been claimed to disseminate among citizens and companies from the most recent developments in electronic public services and cooperation among all levels of government in this area.

Programme of conferences

Major programme the Tecnimap 2010

Convening of the awards Tecnimap 2010 for E-government

Through Order PRE/226/2010, of 4 february, (Opens in new window) (BOE: 8 february 2010) was convened Tecnimap 2010 awards for E-government.

The present edition TECNIMAP awards has been marked by the european directives. Have their most recent expression in the malmö ministerial declaration (Opens in new window) of 18 november 2009.

Resolution of 23 september 2010, the state secretariat for the civil service (Opens in new window) (BOE: 5 october 2010) is being issued the award, TECNIMAP 2010 for management services, convened by mail Order PRE/226/2010, of 4 february.