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The adoption of Law 11/2007 (Opens in new window) electronic access of citizens to public services, opens up new opportunities for improving public services and to develop the E-government in spain. The development of the law also brings new challenges and requires new approaches to the way in which public services provided by all public administrations. The goal of this line of work is put in common actions that each administration is doing and how it raises the development of law in the coming years in their Fields of action. themes for communications in this section are:

1. Experiences and projects in order to comply with the law of electronic access of citizens to public services

1.1. Approximations to the law of electronic access of citizens to public services from public administrations
1.2. Cooperation schemes and interoperability between public administrations
1.3. Digital Convergence and cooperation in the construction of public services
1.4. Development strategies and plans  

In the section of E-government solutions are encapsulated the different instruments that serve to develop and implement electronic administration. themes for communications of this section of solutions are:

2. Solutions of E-government:

2.1. Portales de prestación de servicios: de la información a la gestión
2.2. Web 2.0 and electronic administration
2.3. Social inclusion and civic participation
2.4. Common services and infrastructure for the development of electronic administration
2.5. Electronic management procedures and services: de la cultura del documento a la cultura de la información

In the third block on the technologies for the development of E-government are grouped all platforms, methodologies, standards and systems that provide the basis and support for the construction of electronic public services. themes for communications of this section of technology are:

General access point
General access point

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