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3.3 Experiences and perspectives of PKI (public key infrastructures) in spain. The importance of interoperability

Tecnimap 2002 The PSC as generators of confidence in people and the PKI as tools for the internal management of AAPPs

Javier Jarauta Sánchez
Group SIA
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Certification policy in the Social Security

Carlos Escudero Rivas
Treasury of Social security
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Electronic voting procedure implemented for the Civil guard corps

Gonzalo Quiles Albert
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Project Signature

Gerard Cristófol Roig, Alberto Costs Escribano
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Cryptographic services and public key infrastructure (PKI) in the mainframe IBM citrix metaframe servers 900 2064/104 of the INSTITUTE (INEM)

Enrique Sanz Velasco, Pergentino Prida Arias
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