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Tecnimap 2002 - communications

  • 1.0 A new generation of technologies to build the E-government

  • 1.1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the management of relations with the citizen

  • 1.2 CRS (Content Management Systems), a new paradigm of portals construction

  • 2.0 Transformation of public administration on the basis of information technologies

  • 2.1 E-government and simplification of procedures. The administrative procedure digital

  • 2.2 E-government in an environment of the utmost decentralization

  • 2.3 Budget format and construction of an integrated E-government

  • 3.0 Build confidence in the E-government

  • 3.1 The flat four security: integrity, confidentiality, authentication and availability

  • 3.2 Digital identity digital administrative Character.

  • 3.3 Experiences and perspectives of PKI (public key infrastructures) in spain. The importance of interoperability

  • 3.7 Accessibility of electronic public services

  • 4.0 Interadministrativas relations and external relations

  • 4.1 A model for the exchange of data between administrations

  • 4.2 B2B (Business to Business) within the administration

  • 4.3 Intranets administrative and other projects vertebradores

  • 4.4 A common framework for interoperability for public administrations

  • 5.0 E-government: requirements for new skills for civil servants. The eformación

  • 5.1 The E-government requires a profound restructuring the civil servants

  • 5.3 The moment of eformación. The best experiences - 5.4 Reorganization of ict resources in the public administration

  • 6.2 The Present and future of the IDA programme - 6.4 other european projects connected with E-government

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