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Tuesday, 24, 12.00 h. - round table: "Citizens' rights: security and guarantees in the use of T.I.C."

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Lecturer :

  • D. Baudilio Tome Muguruza
    Secretary of State of telecommunications and for the information society
    Ministry of science and technology

Panellists :

  • Mrs. Ana Pastor Julián
    Assistant secretary
    Ministry of the presidency
    [ PRESENTATION (Opens in new window) ]
  • D. Íñigo Coello Martínez of Portugal For You!
    Counsel of the council of state
    State counsel
    [ PRESENTATION (Opens in new window) ]
  • D. Valentín Carrascosa López
    Director of the Regional centre of Extremadura UNED
    and president of the ibero-american federation of associations of law and information technology
    [ PRESENTATION (Opens in new window) ]

Moderator :

  • Mrs. María José García Beato
    Director of the minister's office
    Ministry of justice