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National Cryptologic centre (NCC)

  • The Centre National Cryptologic (CCN), established in 2004 and attached to the national intelligence Centre (CNI), is the body responsible for coordinating the activities of the different bodies of the administration to use means or procedures, ensuring the figure security of information technologies in that area, to report on the acquisition of cryptologic coordinated material and to train personnel of the administration a specialist in this field.

CCN-STIC guides

List of Guides CCN-STIC [brochure permanent updating]

01 january 2019

CALLED “ CONSPICUOUS ” RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS guides Security of information and Communications . Undertaken and published by National Cryptologic Centre (NCC), with ongoing updates.
This document appoints and links the guides of the series:

  • Security

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01 january 2011

Tool PILLAR ( P rocedimiento I nformático L Ógico for TO nálisis of R iesgos). it does, Centre National Cryptologic (CCN) .- Edits: ministry of defence. Technical Secretariat-General, 2011.- 1 cd-rom .- 075-11-054-9 NIPO:

  • The objectives pursued by the Tool Pillar are: performing risk analysis as MAGERIT (analysis and risk Management information systems) and ISO/IEC 27005 and thus the design of the plan for improving security.

  • Download of such tools through pre-registration in: https :// (Opens in new window)  

  • NOTE: The tools EAR (environment of risk analysis) sustained analysis and risk management information system following the methodology Magerit and are developed and financed by the Ncc. Are updated regularly and there are different varieties.

  • Security

CCN-STIC national security

03 january 2011

Year 2011: Series CCN-STIC, National security, Safety standards, information and communication technologies for Publication. cd-rom promoted by the Centre National Cryptologic (CCN) of the ministry of defence, collaboration with the ministry of Territorial policy and Public Administration .
1 cd-rom edited by The ministry of defence. General Secretariat in 2011 Technical
NIPO 075-11-053-3:

  • Security