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Strategic plans in the autonomous community of Galicia

Responsible and partners from the government of the administration digital

Xunta de Galicia. Agencia para la Modernización Tecnológica de Galicia (AMTEGA)

The For a Modernization Axencia Tecnolóxica de Galicia (AMTEGA) , attached to the presidency of the Xunta de Galicia, basic aims of the definition, development and implementation of the policy instruments in the Xunta de Galicia in the field of information and communication technologies and innovation and technological development.

Other sites and documents relating to the administration digital

Observatorio de la Sociedad de la Información y la Modernización de Galicia (OSIMGA)

The Observatory of the information society and the modernization of Galicia, OSIMGA, is an advisory body in order to assess the evolution of the information society, administrative and e-government in the public administrations of Galicia, and for the participation and collaboration with these. Is attached to the agency for Technological Upgrading of Galicia in the Xunta (AMTEGA)

Galicia Digital Agenda 2020

14 june 2016

Axenda Dixital 2020 of Galicia (galician). it does, Xunta de Galicia. Editing, Xunta de Galicia, for a Modernization Axencia Tecnolóxica de Galicia (AMTEGA). Santiago de Compostela 2015 [published in june 2016], 1 pdf file 128 p.

  • NOTE : The Digital Agenda de Galicia 2020 is a coordinated strategy and the strategies aligned with national and european level in terms of the use of ict, comes to reaffirm the Galician Growth Strategy, introducing Digital those elements that will maximize the impact of technology policies, as an imperative and key to achieving the objectives of economic growth and social council the checked Galicia for the future.

  • The Digital Agenda de Galicia 2020 is a living document that will be adapted to the territorial context, organizational, social and economic situation in each moment. In: upgradeable AMTEGA - Axenda Dixital (Opens in new window)

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Management Plan 2020 and digital Government

13 march 2015

Plan de Administración e Goberno Dixitais Horizonte 2020. Realiza, AMTEGA, marzo de 2015 , 1 PDF print 89 p. . [in galician]

  • NOTE : El Plan de Administración y Gobierno digitales con horizonte 2020, consolidará las medidas emprendidas desde el 2010 para que, haciendo un uso innovador de la tecnología, la Administración gallega sea capaz de reforzar y potenciar el modelo de funcionamiento y prestación de servicios públicos.
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