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Strategic plans in the autonomous community of aragon

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Agenda 2030 in Aragon

With the aragon Agenda 2030 (Opens in new window) . Sustainable development goals (SDGS) of United nations. For each of the 17 objectives of Sustainable Development (ODS) you can see how the government of aragón undertakes to take the measures contained in the Plan of Government of aragón of X legislature, the indicators associated with the community budget devoted, and with the various sectoral strategies involved.

Government of aragón - Virtual Office formalities

The Virtual Office of the government of aragón all the information on procedures and services of the government of aragón classified by topics.

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Aragon observatory of the information society (ICAO)

Linked to the department of science, university and knowledge society.

E-government Plan of the government of Aragón 2018-2020

09 january 2018

The government has given its approval to the Plan of E-government de aragón 2018-2020, carried out through General Directorate of E-government and information society .

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