PAe - Agencia Tributaria begins to publish their notifications to the Unique Enabled
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The Agencia Tributaria begins to publish their notifications to the Unique Enabled

10 september 2021

Starts the migration process from AEAT to Dehú.

The incorporation of the national tax administration agency ( AEAT ) to the E-Mail Enabled Única ( DEHú ) that issues an annual volume of more than 13 million notifications with an estimated daily burden in more than 120,000 shipments, is a milestone for the system that vera to double the volume of notifications and communications available to citizens.

Will temporarily for notifications AEAT the path of put back on the E-Mail Enabled accessible via http://notificaciones.060.es/ (Opens in new window) as a third additional avenue to DEHú and the headquarters of the Electronic AEAT . This service shall be withdrawn shortly in favour of the Dehú, therefore, recommended to the stakeholders that have automated systems that appear to move to the DEHú .

Despite the recent launch DEHÚ during recent months has experienced considerable growth in the hearings. The number of accesses, has grown to more than 10 million accesses during the month of august. The DEHú currently allows the more than 9,000 an issuer of different administrations and agencies at state level, local autonomous, universities, etc., ship of notifications and communications in a matter of seconds and barely any associated cost. Since the launching of DEHú there have been more than 25 million notifications, with an average of more than 1.5 million monthly shipments. The incorporation of the AEAT this figure is estimated that approach will increase to around 3 million monthly shipments.

We also recall that for the major beneficiaries administrative notifications is available an automated appearance that opens the door to be able to integrate the appearance and distribution of notifications within systems of business management.

You can consult the details Technical specifications for access as a major Recipient (Opens in new window)

More information in the resolution Dehú of the PTT.

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