PAe - the new version of the solution of ANA, CCN-CERT
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The new version of the solution of ANA, CCN-CERT

04 october 2021

The response to incidents of information security of the CCN-CERT has published a new version of the solution of automation and Standardisation of audits (ANA) incorporating new modules, features and improvements.

Improvements, both for Central and ANA ANA On-Premise, emphasizes the mainstreaming of a new authentication system that allows you to navigate with a single login in all modules of ANA and the development of new roles to facilitate the segmentation of the functions of a user.

In order to facilitate the visualization of data and the operation of pentesters, this new version of the solution will also amend the graphics ANA (Opens in new window) . In addition, to better monitoring of imports of files from different sources, National Cryptologic centre (Opens in new window) (CCN-CERT) has added to the configuration of an audit parameter setting of these imports, so that the available options will be complemented by previously parametrizados.

In turn, has implemented a system of review of vulnerabilities that provides a channel within the application, for communication between those responsible for resolving such vulnerabilities and pentester responsible for reviewing its resolution.

In this new version of ANA, also incorporates other features designed to facilitate the administration and the use of the solution:

  • Based on navigation, which will speed up access to the desired information.
  • New display system of state of current imports through an icon on the top bar.
  • Removes the obligation that fathers and daughters audits are similar in nature.
  • Become the processes of imports from Nessus, clear, Nmap, CMDB and EMMA.
  • Improvement in the processing time import files.
  • Improvement in the screens of asset classes and types of audits, grade and test.
  • Settlement of bugs and improvements in the overall performance of the implementation.

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