PAe - recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience
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Recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience

06 may 2021

Once the plan was approved by the council of ministers, this has been referred to the european authorities, and the availability of the official description of all components.

The council of ministers adopted on 27 april, the Recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience (Opens in new window) the spanish economy. After this procedure, the plan has been sent to brussels for assessment by the european commission within a maximum of two months.
The recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience is the key instrument for development of european funds for recovery Next Generation US and poses the most important momentum of the recent economic history of Spain. The Plan focuses on the first phase of implementation and detailed investments and reforms in the period 2021-2023, mobilizing nearly 70,000 million euros of transfers of Recovery and resilience in order to boost the recovery and achieve maximum impact contra-cíclico.
The recovery Plan outlines the road map for the modernization of the spanish economy, the recovery of economic growth and job creation, following the crisis in COVID-19, as well as to prepare the country for the challenges ahead.
The plan is structured around four changes that the government has placed since mid-2018 in the centre of the economic policy strategy: the ecological transition, the digital transformation, gender equality and social and territorial cohesion.
These four areas are projected at political ten lever, great ability to drag on the activity and employment in the first phase of the Plan:
  1. Rural and urban Agenda and the fight against depopulation, and agricultural development
  2. Infrastructure and resilient ecosystems
  3. Energy transition fair and inclusive
  4. An administration for the twenty-first century
  5. Modernization and digitization of the industrial fabric of the sme, recovery of tourism and impetus to a nation's entrepreneurial Spain
  6. The covenant by science and innovation. Strengthening the capacities of National health System
  7. Education and knowledge, continuous training and capacity-building
  8. New care economy and employment policies
  9. Momentum of the culture and sport
  10. Modernization of the tax system for inclusive and sustainable growth
These ten levers are translated into thirty components that coordinate the coherent investment projects and reforms to modernize the country. All this with a triple focus:
  • short-term support recovery from the health crisis,
  • push the medium term a process of transformation and
  • long-term undertaking a more sustainable and resilient from the point of view económico-financiero, social, territorial and environmental fields.
Among all these components, within the scope of the digitalization of the Public Administrations, stresses the Component 11: Modernization of public administrations (Opens in new window) , which describes the actions to be carried out and that are aligned with the Digitization Plan in the public administration (Opens in new window) .
  • Interadministrativa cooperation