PAe -- report of the Digital Society in Spain 2020-2021 Fundación Telefónica.
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Report of the Digital society in Spain 2020-2021 Fundación Telefónica.

08 june 2021

The report was published "The Digital Society in Spain 2020-2021 “ fundación telefónica.

The present report Digital Society in spain (Opens in new window) it was entering the analysis of the effects of COVID-19 on technological habits of businesses and citizens, and reflects both the state of infrastructure development and telecommunications services, as well as the status of progress in innovation and deployment of the main leading-edge technologies.

As in previous years, this part of three sources of information: from the main indicators on the digital ecosystem, both domestic and international, another that emanates from the customer surveys of the business units and, finally, a vision in the autonomous communities.

Digital Society in spain to reflect the path marked out for our country to become a networked society, a transformation that has been accelerated by the health crisis that presents many challenges, the most important of which is to ensure that no one was back, guaranteeing an inclusive transition.

In this context, are two important concepts relating to the digital processing: the e-administración and open government. Both are based schemes in technology.

The first case was to digitize the functioning of the public sector, both its internal processes and the supply of services provided to citizens.

Within the government opened about a philosophy that part of the principles of transparency, so that citizens have access to all information on what was being done and how, collaboration, between companies, civil society and the administration, and active citizenship in public affairs.

Original source of data: Publications | Fundación Telefónica Spain (fundaciontelefonica.com) (Opens in new window)

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