PAe - published the 7th edition of the dictionary concepts and terms of the E-government
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Published the 7th edition of the dictionary concepts and terms of the E-government

23 july 2021

The dictionary, at its 7th edition, contains 9.131 voices among principal terms and referrals, being the main and 3,235 5.847 secondary see ’ or ‘ the reader of their way to raise the search to use standardised to locate.

This edition contains the rules of procedure of the E-government approved by RD 203/2021 (REA), the expansion of the ENI (RD 4/2010), The LSEC (law on Confidence 6/2020) and cut the LFE (law on electronic signature, 59/2003) and the RD 1671/2009 as the major changes. Among minors incorporates telecommuting, video presence, the Collegiate bodies telematic scattered pieces of references to the pandemic and european initiatives, to name a few.

This is a compilation of concepts and terms what is strictly include administrative and ‘ transformation enlarged digital ’ including which supports the administration of justice, the information society, public procurement, invoice, the immediate information service, biometric signatures, payments in different forms, and the tele tv presence and to unregulated processes such as social networks, vote, obliteration of documents, documents subject to conditions of reading, etc. In Addition, it includes everything relevant of transparency and good governance, data protection, reuse of public Sector information, accessibility.

The analytical aspect power which locates the concept for its literal expression (electronic device) or their names in natural language (mobile smartphone ’, ‘ tablet cryptographic or credit card or chip) as well as hidden ‘ ’ in literalidad of units (obligation to interact electronically what you can also open by accountants ’, ‘ employees ’ or ‘ officials ’)

Reflects the broad set of rules that make up the The code of E-government published by the BOE and some texts more. In particular, articles 12 eu directives, 17 eu regulations, 47 laws (ordinary, organic, or by RDLey RDLegislativo) and 47 Royal Decrees.

This dictionary is addressed a broad public interested in the electronic administration (AE) or digital as time is called, whether or not an expert in the field, with both technologists profile, management or legal and in any case to anyone who needs to find something to be, discover the boundaries of the concepts, which determine the articles of the rules, as well as knowing other details such as technical terms, available services, technical standards, and institutions with regulatory capacity, or execution, in the field of electronic administration.

Dictionary of concepts and terms of electronic administration

Dictionary of concepts and terms of electronic administration

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  • Laws 39 and 40
  • Interadministrativa cooperation