PAe - the city of Zaragoza provides to its procurement services developed within the framework of the project “ They Buy For You ”
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The city of Zaragoza provides to its procurement services developed within the framework of the project “ They Buy For You ”

16 february 2021

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These services favour knowledge and understanding of the data by the citizenship and improve the transparency of recruitment processes.

They are divided into three forms:

  1. Services to citizenship
  2. Services to reutilizadores
  3. Services for the institution itself

Services to citizenship

Display the service has been developed to promote the knowledge and understanding of citizenship with much greater precision in recruitment processes.

This service allows citizens to obtain information on issues such as contracts involving a company that has gained - and that it is - or which firms have awarded by higher pension awarded or more contracts. You also have access to the ecosystem of recruitment of the last 5 years for the municipality of Zaragoza and its subsidiaries: realized the overall level, the contracts that have generated a cost for the municipality, which generate income, etc.

In addition, it facilitates the download of information to enable citizens to work with it, without that this should have a great technical knowledge.

Services for reutilizadores

The Town Hall has also developed two apis: one regarding the service of file viewing and another that follows the standard OCDS, with the aim of helping and facilitating a re-users who already have experience in using this standard. Through the latter can obtain information as the recruitment processes of a given year and all information relevant to this process: information on the service manager and on the tender procedure itself as the name, the amount or the CPV.

Services for the institution itself

Since the country had also developed a number of tools aimed at the institution itself. These tools, enabling the information from the display of contracts, as well as to improve the efficiency and agility, to provide the service with a higher quality and facilitate the work of municipal services.

They have been implementing a number of tools based on the technological infrastructure of the project that allow us to search in the graph of knowledge recruitment processes of the european union. This can provide the service of the development manager bids to be developed.

Open source

All the generated code for services related to recruitment processes has been shared as open source in the repository of the centre of technology transfer from E-government of the government of Spain. The Town Hall bet for a policy to facilitate the re-use not only of data, also of technology.

  • Centre for technology transfer
  • Interadministrativa cooperation