PAe - The CCN has launched a new version of your tool PILLAR
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The NCC has launched a new version of your tool PILLAR

26 february 2021

The main feature is that the solution is now available in versions PILLAR RM for risk management, and PILLAR BCM for Continuity of Business.

Is now available to download a new version of PILLAR (Opens in new window) the tool for risk analysis of National Cryptologic Centre (NCC). Among the new features offered by this update, PILAR 2021.1.3, emphasizes the possibility of using the solution in two different versions: PILLAR RM - analysis and risk management and PILAR BCM - Impact analysis and continuity of operations.

PILAR is a set of tools EAR (environment of risk analysis) whose role is to the analysis and risk management information system (Opens in new window) following the Magerit methodology (Opens in new window) (Analysis and risk Management information systems) and is developed and partially funded by the Ncc. Are updated regularly and there are several variants.

Pillar is addressed to all those organizations/agencies with ict infrastructure and the need to manage effectively their assets, analysis of Impact and continuity of operations, both quantitative and qualitative.

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