PAe - how to protect and control access to corporate documents with CARLA, the new solution of CCN-CERT
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How to protect and control access to corporate documents with CARLA, the new solution of CCN-CERT

25 february 2021

CARLA is a solution on the protection data, which allows the corporate information protected under travel and control at all times.

Every day, there are different scenarios where it is essential to limit and access to the corporate information and the availability of mechanisms that enable it to lose control of the shared documentation. For this reason, the Centre National Cryptologic (CCN), attached to the National intelligence Centre has developed, CARLA (Opens in new window) a new solution that is born with the goal of having their organizations information and documents always protected and controlled in any location.

The protection offered by CARLA is dynamic and can be modified in real time so the user may prevent access to a document, although this has already been shared, and in a network or equipment outside the control of the entity. Furthermore, the solution offers a complete audit of access to information, providing visibility on who has agreed to a separate and with what permits, and monitoring of attempts to access blocked.

In this way, and given the different features of CARLA it is possible to establish a secure collaboration. Among the features of the solution, the following:

  • Prevents data leaks arising from inappropriate actions by employees, either as a by-catch as intended.
  • It facilitates collaboration safe , making the information will be shared with others protected under the supervision, which can revoke access in real time.
  • Aid for compliance with regulations such as data protection (EU-RGDP) because information is encrypted and audited accesses, irrespective of where they are the official.
  • Protects against security gaps in the network involving a possible ex-filtration. Although the data were extracted files, these will be encrypted and under control.
  • A remote work insurance through a security approach focusing on data, the owner of the official has the capacity to trace on access and control their data.
  • Increases security in the cloud applying data encryption is able to ensure that these are uncertain whether they are stored in a cloud private or public as if the user has downloaded on your computer.

With regard to its functioning, the solution can be offered as a service managed in the cloud, so as to minimize the installation of components of the server and the required management. In Addition, it has two forms: CARLA , designed for a limited service to a subset of users of the organization; and CARLA-GLOBAL designed for its deployment throughout the organization and all optional modules.

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