PAe - The Government sets in motion the online course ai Elements towards the establishment of citizenship in Artificial intelligence
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The Government sets in motion the online course ai Elements towards the establishment of citizenship in Artificial intelligence

28 april 2021

The secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence will launch the project, with the collaboration of UNED, which would provide support técnico-académico.

The Government set in motion in spain on project elements of IA, a free online course addressed to the entire citizenry that provides training in basic tenets of Artificial intelligence.
Ai elements educational project is a massive and open ( MOOC ) in order to reach most of the population as possible knowledge and skills on Artificial intelligence and its various applications. The course offers to all citizenship training and helping them to learn first hand about the functioning and the opportunities offered by Ai.
The initiative aims to achieve that 1% of european citizens have core competencies in this area. In the case of Spain, will be carried out with the support of the academic Universidad Nacional de educación a Distancia (UNED) 2, which will provide loans to students who carry out the course. The Ministry of economic and Digital Transformation is currently in contact with the whole of spanish universities through CRUE for which the course will qualify as an activity of free choice and students can obtain university credits for their realization.
Has an estimated trial length of 50 hours and has six modules compounds, in turn, for three sections. In them are interactive exercises with questions about the implications of the IA in everyday situations, as well as examples of resolution of problems that will enable the people who take to acquire abilities to develop an informed decision-making.
This course was launched and funded by 2018 originally by the government of Finland as part of the finnish presidency of the council of the european Union. It was designed by the university of Helsinki, in collaboration with the company Reaktor. It has subsequently been translated and extended with the support of the european commission to all Eu member states, including Spain.
Since its inception, over 650,000 people from more than 170 countries have formed part of elements of IA. Among the population that they participated in the course, about 40 per cent are women, and 25% are older than 45 years. These data show the great potential of the project on the closure of the digital divides, one of the main objectives of Spain for a recovery based on a cross-cutting digitization and inclusive manner.
The course is available in the following website: https :// www.elementosdeia.gob.es (Opens in new window)
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