PAe - XIII edition of awards for the quality and innovation in governance
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Awards, innovation and Excellence in public administrations

07 april 2021

The minister of Territorial policy and Public Function, Miquel Iceta, has stressed that the awards in the public authorities, are an acknowledgement and a success of the civil society and cooperation between the different public administrations.

The minister of Territorial policy and Public Function, Miquel Iceta, has chaired the occasion of the XIII edition of awards for the quality and innovation in governance emphasizing that the recognition they value and the public service of staff of local entities, autonomous communities and General state administration (AGE): “ Are examples of the field with the rule of excellence and keen to overcoming the administrations and the people who work in them by and for citizenship. Are illustrated the value of the public service, and have shown during a pandemic ”.

454 nominations from all public administrations from 2015

These awards were launched in 2005, in the overall framework for improving the quality in the General state administration, becoming a recognition programme (certifications and prizes) open from start to the voluntary participation of all the public authorities.

Since the first call has submitted a total of 454 nominations, 225 belonging to the General state administration, 104 of the autonomous communities, 94 of local entities and 31 from government agencies.

In the XIII edition of the prizes have been received 54 nominations: 28 projects from the General state administration, 11 local entities, 9 of the autonomous communities and 6 public agencies. The 54 nominations received, 22 have opted for the award, 19-Innovation Prize Citizenship and 13 of the Award of excellence.


The minister of Territorial policy and Public Function, Miquel Iceta, delivered the awards for the XIII edition. These are the winners:

Award of excellence in Public management

  • University of Cadiz. collect the rector, Francisco Piniella.
  • Accésit: Subdelegación de Defensa en Toledo. Recoge el delegado de Defensa en Castilla-La Mancha, coronel Juan Luis Vizuete.
  • Second prize: An Autonomous Agency “ Health ” of Madrid Madrid city council. collect the manager, Antonio Prieto.
  • Special mention: The University Hospital Infanta Leonor, Madrid's Health Service. collect the manager of the health centre, Carmen Pantoja.

The innovation award management

  • National tax administration agency, for the practice of “ Digitization vat refunds travellers (DIVA) ”. collect the director-general of the state agency for tax administration, Jesus Gascón.
  • Second prize: Civil guard at the practice of “ the open competition for the provision of destinations in the Civil guard ”. collect the head of The staff of the Civil Guard, lieutenant general Francisco Díaz Alcantud.
  • Second prize: commissioner of transparency and access to public information of the canary islands, in practice “ implementing T-Canaria Índice telematics and transparency of the canary islands (IT Canarias). collect the commissioner, Daniel Cerdán.
  • Second prize: under-secretary of the ministry of economic and transformation Digital practice “ pattern of agility in telephony Resources (PART) ”. collect the assistant director-general, complaints and relations with the administration of justice, Carmen Blanco.

Prize Citizenship

  • Spanish data protection agency, for practice: “ The strategic plan for the plan of sustainability and social responsibility: Minors and responsible use of the Internet channel, priority, web space to support victims of gender-based violence, prevention of digital harassment at work, code of ethics of AEPD ”. collect the director of the spanish data protection agency, sea Spain.
  • Second prize: integrated Management of Ciudad Real, Health service, Castilla-la Stain practice “ Opening roads to citizen participation in health ”. collect the managing director of the integrated Management of Ciudad Real, Alberto Jara.
  • Second prize: University Hospital, Ramón y Cajal Madrid's Health Service, by practice “ humanization of the spaces of day Hospital Doctor ”. collect the doctor of Pharmacy and coordinator of day Hospital Doctor, Ana María Álvarez.
  • Second prize: Public Entity RED.ES REGISTRAR, by Business practice “ networked schools Programme ”. collect the director-general, David Cierco Red.es Registrar.

New developments by the XIV awards

Among the new features of the XIV call, we are going to look closely at the reaction of public administrations to the pandemic, especially the creative and innovative responses meet the challenges posed, COVID-19, sustainable development goals (ODS) and Agenda 2030 of United nations.

The XIV edition, convened in january this year, has already received 56 nominations from the various public administrations.

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