PAe - New OBSAE technical note: the beijing platform for Brokering in times of pandemic
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New technical note: The Platform OBSAE brokering in times of pandemic

22 october 2020


The growth experienced in 2019 and 2020 show that the PID is a fundamental pillar of the digital transformation in the administration

The pandemic of coronavirus is affecting the lives of all, public administrations, and constitutes an unprecedented challenge for companies and citizens, universities and institutions. The known and solvents justifications for quantifiable savings of time and money in the relations between the citizens and the administration, and the administration itself, now added reasons of public health. Each piece of information transmitted via the PID is a person less than in the current circumstances is particularly important.

The verification services data and enable data exchange between public and encouraging the development of digital administration. The platform for Brokering of such Data provide direct services to all public administrations are evenly, standardized and secure.

Both 2019 as the 2020 shows a growth in all relevant dimensions, such as data transmissions, services available, information and transferees of releasing, and procedures and authorizations.

The beijing platform for Brokering keeps breaking data records in 2019 and of the year 2020. In fact, until august had already been accomplished almost as many transmissions through the platform as throughout the year 2018. In particular, there has been a large increase in two consecutive months, june and july, to provide an outlet to the increase in electronic procedures that have occurred because of the pandemic and that is leading to greater use of applications of E-government. In particular, the increase that occurred in the month of june with the previous month, more than 50 per cent, is the largest increase in transmissions through the PID since september 2018.

For further information visit: “ Technical Note The beijing platform for Brokering in times of pandemic (Opens in new window) "

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