PAe portal EIF Toolbox is already in operation
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The portal EIF Toolbox is already in operation

13 november 2020

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The EIF Toolbox, an interactive portal that closes the gap between public administrations and public services interoperable, digital is already available to users.

The "toolbox" EIF of, or EIF Toolbox (Opens in new window) , is designed as a guide to the national civil services (which covers the 3 or 4 administrative levels) in order to equip them with the necessary tools to support the implementation of European Interoperability framework (Opens in new window) (EIF) in order to promote digital services interoperable European level.

The structure of this toolbox provides a comprehensive and holistic approach on interoperability and allows users to access relevant information and solutions or reusable components supporting specific aspects of interoperability in designing a new solution for digital or renew existing ones.

Support solutions are accessible through different paths and from different points of entry in the three pillars of the EIF (i.e., all the recommendations are linked to the pillars of the EIF and support solutions; the relevant page of the solutions can be seen by pillars of the EIF, etc.).

In addition, and taking into account the various educational and professional background of its users, EIF Toolbox contains:

  • Guidance papers on the theoretical background of the framework (EIF pillars, namely, the principles of interoperability, layers of interoperability 4 + 2 and the conceptual model).
  • Information that highlights the needs of implementation of the 47 recommendations and 12 principles of the EIF.
  • Operational solutions that cover aspects of alignment and implementation that are relevant to the establishment of digital services interoperable.

The EIF Toolbox (Opens in new window) it is a dynamic project that will evolve over time and will focus on real cases of successful implementation at national and transboundary levels.

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