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New support desk CCN-CERT vulnerabilities

13 May 2020


The National Government CERT initiates a service of analysis, reporting and tracking those more critical and vulnerabilities impacting especially in the technologies employed in the public sector.

Responsiveness to incidents of National PKIX centre (CCN-CERT) puts at the disposal of all public sector agencies a new service of analysis, reporting and tracking more critical vulnerabilities and have more impact between them.

This new service, which can join all public administrations, complements to early warning systems, notices and publications CCN-CERT vulnerabilities that is put at the disposal of its community of reference since 2006.

In this way, the National Government CERT will work in the collection and classification of the new vulnerabilities that appear on the market and will be a theoretical analysis and laboratory, those that by its weaknesses are deemed necessary. Each of them will produce a “ Abstract ” with the highlights: encumbrance and vector of attack, potential of this, recommendations and good practices to protect them, as well as its different updates.

Finally, will track the evolution of vulnerability, alerting the agencies to changes in the criticality, appearance of patches, new recommendations, recorded active farms, etc.

All information collected vulnerabilities will be stored in the solutions LORETO(Abre en nueva ventana) and ANA(Abre en nueva ventana) CCN-CERT itself and notified all updates via email.

Similarly, all agencies needing to clarify any doubts or request assistance may be submitted to the email: _ acreditacion@ccn.cni.es support

Zero-Day vulnerability in me

The first of the vulnerabilities analyzed from this new service will be the Zero-Day of media Mail, notified the past 24 April (Opens in new window) and whose information to date was compiled in a Abstract(Abre en nueva ventana) .

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