PAe - New technical data sheet of ENMA: CCN-CERT tool for monitoring remote logins
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New technical data sheet of ENMA: CCN-CERT tool for monitoring remote logins

30 march 2020

EMMA is a solution developed by the centre National Cryptologic and designed to speed up the display of assets in a network, including remote logins; a widespread practice during the current crisis in the COVID-19.

The ability to respond to incidents of National Cryptologic centre (Opens in new window) (CCN-CERT) had made a new technical data sheet (Opens in new window) of EMMA (Opens in new window) his solution, access control to network infrastructure, which allows a remote access agencies. To use, as explained in the infographics "EMMA: monitoring in remote logins (Opens in new window) "created in this regard, we prevent ciberincidentes in a scenario of telecommuting as gridlock, marked by the crisis in COVID-19.

EMMA is a solution in charge of surveillance of deficiencies in the ozone layer and electronic access (compliance), network connectivity (visibility), capacity to respond to events (response) and secure remote access. In this new page offers useful information for a secure remote access. The main benefits for agencies to use this solution are as follows:

  • Promotes the principle of the lowest privilege: users only have access to information and resources it requires to perform their activity.
  • Supports the approach Zero Trust; it provides a safety framework in which only users and authenticated devices and authorized access to information.
  • Assurance exercises controls to surface area of attack; ensures the remote connection through encryption devices and the user.
  • Reduces the risk associated with the device of user: permits evaluation of the position of devices, establishing compliance with the minimum requirements for connection to access the network. Mitigates the risk of impersonation: add an extra security through double authentication factor.

This content is available in the section devoted to threats (Opens in new window) within the section ‘ Ciberconsejos ’ portal CCN and joins the other measures of prevention of incidents, where you can consult a infographics with general tips (Opens in new window) in addition to the report CCN-CERT BP/18 safety recommendations for strengthening telecommuting and monitoring (Opens in new window) .

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