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Published the report QUEEN 2019

06 March 2020

It has published the report QUEEN 2019, which presents an analysis of the most significant indicators of the TIC sector 2018 in the General administration of the state

Is already available for consultation the report QUEEN 2019 with the analysis of indicators more representative of the situation and use of systems and information technologies and communication in the AGE, as well as staff TIC employee. The information has been updated to 31 May 2018, because the application of the QUEEN can only work with a ministerial structure and 6 June issued the royal decree 355/2018, restructuring ministerial departments.

The Commission of strategy TIC (created by Royal Decree 806/2014, 26 September) has among its functions "act as Observatory of the E-government and Digital Transformation" and is responsible for the development of This Report. QUEEN has been published annually since 1988.

Like last year this edition of QUEEN 2019 does not include the report IRIA, since this study has been updated to contemplate new trends in electronic administration, and published separately.

The report was carried out based on data provided by organizations of the General administration of the state, autonomous agencies, Institutions Managing Common Services and Social security, state agencies, business and Public Entities other public agencies involved in the implementation Queen. Examines different aspects related to the cost and investment TIC, the computer park updated AGE, software used and staff for cash TIC powers.

Results, during the year 2018 in the General administration of the state, expenditures TIC reached the 1,415 billion, representing a decrease of 1.74% compared to 1,440 2017. Is this mode the downward trend of the previous year, below the figure of 2013 marking the lowest point of the past eight years.

The total volume of IT costs was 1,133 million euros a 4.23% lower than last year 2017. Telecommunications were 282 million euros a 9.73% more than in 2017.

An interesting statistic is to know how much of the total budget of ministries has been allocated to TIC costs. The comprehensive indicator is located in a 3.28%, representing a decrease of almost six tenths of percentages from the year 2017.

It should be noted that the departure of "staff" decreases, compared to the previous year, in virtually all ministries, with the exception of the Interior ministry; reaching nearly $233 million euros, unlike the departure of "services" that increases the game in 78% of ministries, to nearly $585 million euros. In 11 of the 13 ministries this is the game with more percentage within IT spending.

The budgetary effort make departments in IT costs, shown in the relationship between this spending and the amount of chapters 1, 2 and 6 general state budgets. In this year 2018 the comprehensive indicator is located in the 2.63% significantly lower than the 3.12% 2017.

The figures contained in the report queen is also published in formats prosecutable XLSX and ODS that form part of our policy RISP. The full report can be downloaded in the Observatory of E-government .

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