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Spain, in second place eu digital public services

12 june 2020

  • Spain maintains the second european position in the rate of open and remains above the european average in all indicators of public services. In addition, underlines the efforts made in Spain for updating the national strategy of cybersecurity.

The Índice of economy and Digital Society (DESI) 2020 (Opens in new window) , which the european commission issued on 11 june, stresses the improvement of the position of Spain in digital public services, in which it obtained the second european union seat.

All indicators are significantly above the european average, increasing the score from 80.9 points obtained in 2019 to 87 points of 2020.

Over the previous year, spain is improving its situation with regard to finland and The Netherlands and two points of the first place (Estonia).

DESI: public Services. Spain in second position.

The dimension digital public services is made up this year of five indicators: “ users of electronic administration ”, “ pre-cumplimentados forms ”, “ completion of online services ”, “ digital public services companies ” and “ open ”. Spain maintains the score of all the indicators of public services 2020 digital significantly above the average for the European union.

DESI values of spain in 2018, 2019 and 2020

Spain maintains the second position in open database. In this regard the report DESI emphasizes that the country's investment in the open access to public administrations “ is an example for the large eu economies in transition to digital by default in the central administration ”.

The report also states that “ the indicators show a high level of on-line interaction between public authorities, citizens and businesses. Spain obtained very good results in indicator of open, and ranks second with 90 per cent of the maximum score. The 82 per cent of internet users in spain participates actively in the electronic management services, 6 percentage points more than the previous year ”.

In addition, it states as a key milestone for 2020 in Spain the updating of the national strategy of cybersecurity.

The Índice of economy and Digital Society (DESI) 2020

The Índice of economy and Digital Society (DESI) summarized five digital performance indicators of europe and to monitor the evolution of the states members of the european union in competitiveness. These five indicators are: connectivity, human capital, use of internet, integration of digital technology and public services.

In the overall assessment of the year 2020, DESI Spain ranked number 10 eu member states.

The overall team standings. Spain DESI in 11th position (in United Kingdom as a member EU)

In addition to the good results in public services; the report highlights the DESI good results of the country in the area of connectivity. However, this report also reflects that spain has remained below the european average in human capital.

Evolution of results by dimension and over time

  • Electronic services