PAe - published the United Nations survey on electronic administration 2020
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Published the survey of United nations electronic administration 2020

16 july 2020

Spain remains in the list of countries with the development of electronic administration “ very high ” and maintains the position 17th.

The report “ UNITED NATIONS E-GOVERNMENT SURVEY 2020 (Opens in new window) ”, prepared by the department of economic and social affairs of the UN, was released on 10 July.

This is the only global report that evaluates the status of development of electronic administration of all un member states. This evaluation is not intended to provide an absolute measure but to provide a vision of the relative position of some countries against one another. As a tool to facilitate the development, the survey of electronic administration examines the strengths, challenges and opportunities of countries considering their policies and strategies.

The 2020 highlights the progress made in all regions, including those least developed countries. More than 22 per cent of countries improved their level of development. However, despite the efforts made by many countries, the digital divide still persists. 7 of 8 countries at the lower levels are África and belong to the group of least developed countries.

Together with these trends, the pandemic of COVID-19 not only has invigorated the role of the digital government conventionally of public services but has also allowed the operationalization of innovative ways to manage the crisis, as the tracing of contacts, e-health, e-learning and telecommuting.

The main indicator published is EDGI ( e-government development index - development of electronic administration). To lead this indicator is situated in this edition: denmark, korea, Estonia, finland and Australia .

With regard to Spain ( Spanish tab (Opens in new window) ), is located in the list of countries with a very high EGDI 0,8801, occupying the post in the 17 global list , to hold the position it occupied in 2018.

The report also points out that europe is maintaining leadership in the development of electronic administration, with a means of 0.8170 EGDI.

On the other hand, this report contains a specific indicator of the Local Level, LOSI ( Online Local Service Index – Índice of online services local ”. This study included 100 global local entities, including, in spain Only been analysed in Madrid, which has received some good results. Madrid number 1 global LOSI of 0,9625.

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