PAe - practical guide for the publication of data Open using APIs
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Practical guide for the publication of data Open using APIs

09 July 2020

Esta nueva guía complementa la publicada en marzo en la que se ponía el foco en el formato CSV. Se enmarca dentro de la serie de documentos elaborados por Datos.gob.es dirigidos a orientar a los editores en el uso adecuado de los formatos y los medios de acceso más utilizados a datos abiertos.

Una interfaz de programación de aplicaciones o API es un mecanismo que permite la comunicación e intercambio de información entre sistemas. Las plataformas de datos abiertos, como  datos.gob.es (Opens in new window) have this kind of tools to interact with the system of information and data available without a knowledge of the internal structure or the technology used in its development.

Thanks to the profiles, re-users can access the information they need automatically, still possible to adjust the download exclusively to the required data.

Increasingly agencies that bet for this type of mechanisms, especially to publish data with high update frequency as data in real time. directiva europea de sobre datos abiertos y reutilización de la información del sector público (Opens in new window) comes the need for this kind of mechanisms for the publication of dynamic data and high-value. Usual use Profiles for accessing weather data, public transport or those produced by urban monitoring sensors, although it is noteworthy that the Profiles are suitable to consume all kinds of data.

With the aim of helping those open data portals that does not yet have a API, since datos.gob.es has developed a Guide (Opens in new window) with the main guidelines to follow in defining and implementing this mechanism of access to data.

What can find the reader in this guide?

La guía comienza con un primer apartado dedicado a entender qué son las APIS y cuál es su valor. En él se explica cómo funcionan y se implementan. Para aquellos que quieran ampliar la información, se recomienda realizar la unidad formativa  "good practices in the design of Profiles and Linked Data ” (Opens in new window) .

Then the guide focuses patterns in the design and implementation of APIs. Among other things, addresses how to use URIs to identify resources or how to avoid ruptures of service.

The guide ends with a number of paragraphs more specific focused on implementing APIs catalogs Open database for access to data linked and web services.

A new volume in the collection

The “ practical guide for the publication of data Open using APIs ” is the second delivery (supplement to the published in March on the CSV format ) of the series developed since the initiative Contributes to help the data publisher to facilitate access and to boost the use of the information published. In particular, the collection search to publicize the best formats for reuse, and facilitate a series of clear and simple patterns that agencies can continue to open their dataset, thus guaranteeing the quality.

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