PAe - new version of the information system of the Central Register of personnel, and EditaRCP AnotaRCP
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New version of the information system of the Central Register of personnel, and EditaRCP AnotaRCP

11 february 2020

The systems and services of the Central register of personnel have been adapted for the management of convention IV labour single staff of state administration, including further improvements.

The Registro Central de Personal ( RCP ) is the body in which the staff at the service of state administration and public universities, and consists of all acts affecting their lives, by sending the corresponding official registration.

Law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities (Opens in new window) according to article 26 the issuance of administrative documents by electronic means.

EditaRCP allows all RRHH the generation of official registration, and AnotaRCP your shipment by electronic means to RCP in line with the law 39/2015.

It has evolved information system RCP , AnotaRCP and EditaRCP to allow the management of labour and their jobs with the model of supervision based on professional specialities and families, as defined in the CUAGE ). (Opens in new window) "href =" https :// www.boe.es/boe/daily _ txt.php? id = BOE-A-2019-7414 "target =" _ blank "> single collective Convention IV of the General state administration (IV CUAGE ). (Opens in new window)

The new version of AnotaRCP it also includes the incorporation of new ways to permit sending all types of official registration, the possibility to add contact information of the unit RRHH management, duplicate requests, and improvements in the management of errors.

For more information see Anota RCP in the CTT "href =" https :// administracionelectronica.gob.es/ptt/type "> Anota RCP in the CTT where you will find detailed information on the changes.

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