PAe - The Government reinforces the digital transformation area
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The Government reinforces the digital transformation area

17 January 2020

The creation of the two secretariats of state reinforces the government's commitment to the digitization of the Spanish economy. Is transferred to the Ministry of Economic affairs and Digital Transformation of the General secretariat Digital Administration.

The Cabinet (Opens in new window) appointed last day 14 to the new secretaries of state dependent on Ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation (Opens in new window) . The Ministry reinforces its digital Transformation area with the creation of two new secretaries of State (Opens in new window) : the secretariat of Digitization status and Artificial intelligence, who will direct Artigas Carme, and the secretariat of State of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, in front of which will Roberto Sánchez.

The secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence

The secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence aims to boost the digital transformation of our society, with the aim of achieving growth prosperous, secure, reliable, inclusive and that respects the rights of citizens. Will Be under his leadership the General Secretariat of Digital Administration , responsible for the digital transformation of all the General administration of the state and until now dependent on the Political ministry Territorial and Public Function (Opens in new window) .

Carme Artigas es empresaria y una reconocida experta en big data, inteligencia artificial e innovación tecnológica, con más de 25 años de experiencia en la industria tecnológica y de las telecomunicaciones. Actualmente, es miembro de la junta directiva de la  Spanish Association of managers (Opens in new window) (AED), member of the think-tank Data Innovation Network of Columbia university (Opens in new window) new York and collaborator in the Elcano Institute Real (Opens in new window) .

Senior engineer chemistry for the Chemical institute Sarriá (Opens in new window) (IQS) and a licensed by the Chemical Sciences Ramón Llull university (Opens in new window) , the new secretary of state has a graduate of management industrial by the IQS and a degree in Executive Direction in Risk Capital by the Haas School of Economics of Uc Berkeley (Opens in new window) (California).

The secretariat of state of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure

On the other hand, the secretariat of state of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure aims to promote connectivity and deployment of digital infrastructures for placing Spain at the forefront of technological transformation.

This includes both the regulation as coordination with the European and international programmes to promote normalization, standardization and certification of telecommunications infrastructures that facilitates and digital deployment. Among the challenges of this Secretariat of State is free space required radio before 30 June this year for the development of new networks 5G in Spain and reallocate it through auctions, as well as ensure a quality connectivity to all citizens can achieve the benefits of technology 5G.

Roberto Sánchez counts with a wide experience in both the private and public. Until his appointment as secretary of state has been general manager of Telecommunications and Information technologies. He has occupied positions of responsibility in agencies such as the City of Madrid (Opens in new window) the general Secretariat of science and the general secretariat of innovation. In 1999 was elected as ‘ Engineer ’ by the Year Official school telecommunication Engineers (Opens in new window) . The year 2012 was awarded the ‘ merit Badge of telecommunications. 'Telecommunications engineer by the Technology University of Madrid (Opens in new window) , Roberto Sánchez is career upper body systems and information technologies of the General administration of the state.

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