PAe - 10 years of national security Scheme, ENS, at the service of the public Sector cybersecurity
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Ten years of the National Template of interoperability (ENI) at the service of cooperation for digital administration

08 January 2020

Fruto de un esfuerzo colectivo y multidisciplinar liderado por el MPTFP-SGAD, el ENI ha supuesto un hito en la interoperabilidad en España y un referente para otros países. En 2020 se ha de mantener tanto el esfuerzo de implantación del ENI en un entorno cambiante y de transformación digital, pues contribuye a la fluidez de datos y servicios y, por tanto, a la cooperación entre las AA.PP., esencial para proporcionar los servicios a los ciudadanos y garantizarles sus derechos.

Ten years ago, approving the Royal Decree 4/2010, of January 8th , regulating the National schema interoperability in the field of E-government. 21 days later, on 29 January, is published in the official newsletter of the State, BOE, setting the set of criteria and recommendations to be taken into account by public administrations for decision-making technology to ensure interoperability.

The ENI included in a legal provision, so a pioneer in the European Union, a collection of conditions to facilitate interoperability organizational, technical and semantic necessary to facilitate cooperation of public administrations in the provision of services of administration digital, from the perspective of articulating jointly legal framework, cooperation and services.

Subsequently collected in law 40/2015, which has included interoperability between the principles of action of public administrations, the ENI has positioned our country as a reference in interoperability, being the result of a collective effort, multidisciplinary and continued public administrations in Spain, with the collaboration of the private Sector, which actively contributed to its development and implementation led by the Political ministry Territorial and Public Function through the General secretariat of administration Digital, SGAD , (in 2010, when it was adopted, ministry of the presidency).

Moreover, the ENI was reinforced with the Technical Standards for interoperability (12) who develop technical aspects in detail, with the Metadata schema for the management of Electronic Document (e-EMGDE) y con una extensa colección de guías aplicación y documentos de soporte interpretativo.

En la elaboración del ENI se tuvieron presentes las recomendaciones provenientes de la Unión Europea, y, por tanto, se ubica en el contexto europeo de políticas, actos, documentos y servicios en relación con la interoperabilidad; además, contempla de forma permanente la noción del enlace con los diversos instrumentos equivalentes del ámbito de la Unión Europea, sean redes de comunicaciones, servicios para la cooperación en interoperabilidad semántica o reutilización, o para el reconocimiento mutuo de la identidad y la firma electrónica. De hecho, la ficha de alineamiento de España con el Marco Europeo de Interoperabilidad (EIFv1, de 2010), de primavera de 2017, señalaba un alto nivel de alineamiento.

ENI, challenges of interoperability in national and European level

At this time of anniversary interoperability, the ENI is an indispensable element and criticality growing, more than ever, for cooperation, in our national and with the European Union, for implementing the administration digital. It is significant that the law 40/2015 has included interoperability between the principles of action of public administrations, which relate via electronic means. More multiple references for the ENI carried out in the law 39/2015. Forms part as well the interoperability of the collection of points that together with security, accessibility and personal data protection must be seen from conception of services.

Consequently it will be necessary to update certain aspects of the ENI, as well as some of its technical standards for interoperability, plus the development of new rules, in light of the current context, the experience of the contributions of stakeholders, the needs detected and emerging in services, so that the schema can respond to the requirements of the administration digital, inescapable and characterized by its global reach and evolution permanent, in our country highly decentralized and in the European context that raises challenges for interoperability in connection with multiple issues, such as electronic identity, the Single digital Gateway the HAT, and integration with basic components of infrastructures of digital services for the internal market, but are not limited to.

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