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Basic recommendations center of cyber National PKIX

14 September 2018

National PKIX centre

The CCN-CERT has developed 10 reports of good practices for a general audience with the objective of raising awareness and guide users on the safe use of information technologies and communication.

The CCN-CERT has published 10 reports of good practices, with the addition of new titles. Documents available addresses some of the most important aspects within the framework of cybersecurity.

The factors of threat (APT), the internet deep or deep web, the safe navigation data encryption, firewalls, anti-malware applications or deleted sure data are some of the aspects dealt with in these 10 downloadable reports on the website National Cryptographic centre (Opens in new window) .

Documents conclude with a “ Core decalogue security ” which reflects the steps to apply to avoid the consequences of threats or vulnerabilities analysed. All are available in the public part of CCN-CERT portal.

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