PAe - INSIDE: publication of distributable package of CSV Creator (Eutils) and CSV Storage
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INSIDE: Publicación de paquete distribuible de CSV Creator (Eutils) y CSV Storage

23 November 2018


Have been published in the Portal of the E-government, first versions of two of the components of the Suite CSV, including under the umbrella of INSIDE, both with EUPL license.

InSide is a system for the management of electronic documents and files that meets the requirements for that both can be stored and/or available according to the ENI, scheme that provides the basic rules for sharing and storage of documents and electronic records.

The two components of the suite CSV issued are:

  • Distributable package of each Eeutils modules/CSV Creator (v.4.2.0)
  • Distributable package of CSV Storage (v.1.2.3).

The CSV Storage is the component of the Suite CSV which enables the storage of documents in PDF with CSV or ENI format. These documents are accompanied by the meta information necessary for its management and storage.

On the other hand, Eeutils (CSV Creator) is the component of the Suite CSV which unites several functionalities related to the CSV generation and management of signatures and reports. Eeutils is divided into five modules:

  1. Eeutil-Util-Firma. Permite generar CSVs y justificantes de firma, así como validar hash.
  2. Eeutil-Firma. This module allows signatures on server.
  3. Eeutil-Oper-Firma. This module allows to validate signatures and certificates, obtain information of signatures and certificates, check or making signatures longevity and resealed signatures.
  4. Eeutil-Vis-Docexp. It allows you to display any document in PDF.
  5. Eeutil-Misc. Este módulo permite la conversión de documentos a otros formatos así como validar expedientes y documentos ENI.

The release of this software allows homogenize and standardize the functioning of those repositories of documents which implemented, so as to ensure interoperability between them and closer to fulfilling the requirements to Be repositories of confidence.

Moreover, it allows the compatibility with other systems offered by the SGAD without the need to use the resources in the cloud.

With this publication options are expanded reuse systems developed by the SGAD avoiding duplication of effort in other administrations, both state, as autonomous or local.

En el Portal de la Administración Electrónica, podrán descargar los paquetes distribuibles, así como los manuales para su instalación.

You can obtain more information in the following link: https :// administracionelectronica.gob.es/ctt/inside/downloads

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