PAe - Transparency, quality and usefulness, key values for public data at the 8th Meeting Brings
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Transparency, quality and usefulness, key values for public data at the 8th Meeting Brings

30 november 2018

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The eighth edition of the event Brings, under the slogan “ Undertaking public information ”, organized jointly by the ministry of economy and business, the ministry of Territorial policy and Public Role, and the public entity Red.es Registrar business, was held on 28th in the hall of the state secretariat for the advancement Digital

The secretary of state for Digital Progress (SEAD), Francisco Polo, and the secretary of State of public office, José Antonio Benedict, welcomed the more than 300 participants and opened the meeting. In addition, the director-general, David Cierco Red.es Registrar, and the secretary-General for administration Digital, Fernando de Paul, were also present at the meeting to take stock and closing the 8th edition of the same.

The opening of public data is a priority, as Benedict, openly expressed keen interest of the government on this matter made that work is being done in the extension of the 39 to have a single register, which will become a reality in 20 months, and a fourth plan of Open government. “ Citizen participation is essential in the design and conduct of public policies and we are committed to transparency. priority Is greater legal certainty and facilitate access to public information on the part of citizenship ” commented on the state secretary for Public service.

Francisco Polo welcomed participants on the grounds that the SEAD is home to all the entrepreneurs and continued his speech to have an impact in Spain things are done very well, that is demonstrated that we are the second country in europe more prepared to implement initiatives open data, according to the Open Data Maturity Index, which is drafting the European commission. Furthermore emphasized that data are fundamental to a country more transparent, fair and entrepreneurial, as well as in the economic benefits “ it is estimated that at present 13,000 jobs are directly related to this sector in Spain, is a 2 per cent of gdp at european level and their contribution could double by 2020 ”.

The act has been structured around three panel discussions had analysed the keys to success and the challenges facing entrepreneurship linked to data and new paradigms in technology.

The representatives of public administrations of the first committee have agreed that, for its part, there is a strong commitment to transparency. To empower civil society to have the tools that enable them to pass judgment on its work and pursue the training in information technology units and are operating. Also spoke about the benefits of an office of the data and of the need to relocate the potential of public data.

The second round table have configured women entrepreneurs who have developed business models based on the reuse and analysis. They have stressed that public data, optimize resources, help create pollution forecasting models of or trafficking or even support responsible consumption. The word usefulness defines the products or services which can be created but for these women need a common effort to put the data as a priority in the social agenda.

Finally, women of companies in the market as reported, GMV, ESRI Sygenta and gave their vision and future challenges facing businesses based on analysis of data, during the third and final round table of the meeting. Among other things, it has been stressed that the collaboration público-privada startups and is fundamental for achieving greater standardization of data. It was also mentioned the importance of quality, well beyond the amount of traceability as a mechanism to assess the impact and that good governance must adapt.

The closure of the act has been undertaken by the director-general, David Cierco Red.es Registrar and the secretary-general for administration Digital, Fernando de Paul.

For Cierco, encounters Brings has established itself as a forum for discussion and benchmark for all actors involved in the reuse of public sector information in Spain, “ i find this year is entitled: ‘ Undertaking with public data ’ because it also needs to bet on the data as an engine of innovation, raw materials to promote an ecosystem geared towards entrepreneurship and innovation ”, which since Red.es Registrar has been done since 2009 through the initiative Provides, at which offers more than 21,000 datasets. Moreover, has affected must be to focus on the proceedings in the field of information to modernize production, especially with the startups.

The director-general of Red.es Registrar has been made also some of the next steps, in the field of public data: to ensure the correct implementation of the new regulations; dissemination and support to business models; development of new studies; and enrichment and improvement of the Catalogue.

El último en intervenir ha sido Fernando de Pablo, que ha asegurado que “el éxito de las iniciativas de datos abiertos en España son el resultado de una estrecha colaboración entre los agentes implicados, de tratarse de una política de país y no de gobierno, y del cambio cultural que se ha producido”. Una forma de recuperar la confianza de los ciudadanos en las administraciones públicas, según el secretario de Estado de Administración Digital.

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