PAe - published the new version of Portafirmas distributable
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Published the new version of Portafirmas distributable

24 may 2018

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You can download the code of the new version of the distribution of Portafirmas (v. at the downloads of the solution.

The Portafirmas is a component for the integration of the signing in workflows. Allows organizational signing petitions using the client signing @firma, create signature authorizations for the purpose of signing by delegation or by substitution, include "" Clearance in the flow of signature and to separate portafirmas users in watertight or headquarters units. In Addition, publishes web services for the integration with the workflow applications.

The most important developments in the new version are as follows:

  • It includes a tab to annul signing both in the pending motions and petitions signed, and includes a new section on petitions set aside, in addition the signatures cancelled cannot be cotejadas by CSV.
  • Change the reports of standard signature to save independently and not to be overwritten.
  • Revising the mobile services for submissions to the phone calls only validated instead of all pending.
  • Corrigendum download ZIP in Firefox.
  • Correction of incidence of .rtf. file
  • Improvement of error messages.
  • Incorporation of icons when a request have comments or annexes.
  • Sealing recovery.
  • Correction of incidence in electronic invoices, including in accounting documents (.tcn).
  • Notice of signature certificate expired with option to remain in or cancel the operation.
  • New feature of the invitation of users Portafirmas (Drafting/New request invitation).
  • Control of the subject field length in the drafting of requests and requests for invitations (Length
  • Validation of the format of the field receiver (email) in requests for invitations.
  • New button display of documents before signing.
  • Added the type of signature in the detail of the request.
  • Fixed bug when generating the result of the report of signature.
  • It adds a menu entry of aid with a quick guide to use.
  • The PDF in Internet Explorer.
  • New message of error: signature upon with certificate revoked or invalid.
  • Correction of problems related to access through LDAP.
  • It allows viewing annexes from the mobile.
  • Permitted signatures with time stamp on the mobile phone.
  • Select the files .tcn as official annexes in mobile phones.
  • It adds a new feature that allows you to generate a report based on a signature. This feature is available without to login in the application. To access it should go to the login screen and access to the top right menu Options: "-- > Generate report".
  • When generating requests in the web application, are continuously validated the signatures of the documents attached (if they contain signatures). If the signature is invalid, it will not be permitted attach document so as to avoid the problems to sign documents containing prior signatures invalid.
  • It supports signatures with certificates with alias.
  • Redesign of the login screen. The options that do not require identification on a menu of options. This menu is located at the top right, and it allows the following actions:
    • Validation of CSV.
    • High guest user.
    • Generate Report.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

More information Portafirmas solution of the PTT.

  • Identity and electronic signature