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PAe - available the standard UNE-EN 301549 V.1.1.2:2015 in the PAe
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Available the standard UNE-EN 301549 V.1.1.2:2015 in the PAe

31 May 2018

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Through the Portal of Electronic Administration available this rule of immense utility for accessibility TIC in public administrations.

The standard in 301549 V.1.1.2:2015 accessibility requirements of projects and services TIC applicable to public procurement in Europa provides functional requirements which ensures that the products and services TIC accessible to all the personas.Dicha rule has been adapted by UNE in Spain in the form: UNE-EN 301549 V.1.1.2:2015.

The Directive (HAT) 2016 / 2102 of the European Parliament and of the board of 26 October 2016, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices of the public sector agencies (Opens in new window) and the new Royal Decree transposed this directive to the Spanish legal system refer to this rule and therefore it is of great interest to public administrations. That is why the secretariat of State of Public function, to consider necessary to facilitate their access, has signed an agreement with AENOR (Opens in new window) for the dissemination of this rule through the Portal of Electronic administration.

The knowledge and use of this rule aims to positively influence the introduction of these new requirements of accessibility in public administrations, especially in mobile applications and web portals of public administrations.

Downloading the standard UNE-EN 301549 V.1.1.2:2015 is available from: http://administracionelectronica.gob.es/PAe/accesibilidad/une-en-301549.pdf (Opens in new window)

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