PAe - AIREF makes use of the solution sign in to the electronic
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AIREF makes use of the solution sign in to the electronic

05 march 2018

The independent authority Fiscal Responsibility (AIREF) aims to ensure the sustainability of public finances, and ensure the effective implementation by the public administrations of the principle of budgetary stability, reflected in the item 135 of the spanish constitution.

For the purpose of the enforcement of the applicable rules, this body has since a few months of an electronic Headquarters, which has been implemented on the supported horizontal solution ACCESS in its way in the cloud. Thus, in addition to facilitate contact with the citizen (natural or legal persons), AIREF has a full implementation for the processing of their files. In turn, the administrator of the solution, allows you to publish and configure new administrative procedures with its specific form, in a simple and without development.

Electronic now based in the cloud use version 4.1 of ACCESS. However, in the case of a Cloud, new features and improvements of ACCESS are incorporated into this body on a regular basis.

Click here to visit the Sede-e of AIREF (Opens in new window)

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