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PAe - has been published in the Portal of Electronic Administration the Kit of integration of FIRe 2.2
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Has been published in the Portal of Electronic Administration the Kit of integration of FIRe 2.2

22 June 2018

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FIRe is a solution that simplifies the use and implementation of electronic signatures of user to concentrate on a single component all the requirements of creation of signatures based on both local and certificates certificates in the cloud

The Kit - system integration FIRe 2.2, has been uploaded on the tab "Downloads Area" of the solution FIRe: https: / / administracionelectronica.gob.es / ctt / fire / downloads

Among the improvements that includes this version, are the following:

Central component:

Compatibility with multiple vendors signature.
Incorporates the provider of signing of the national Currency Factory and pitch for signing of servants. It allows to configure client applications from the list of suppliers that you want to show users.

Ditribuidos components:

Is obtained as part of the result of the signature operations simple and signing of lots, the name of the supplier used.

Administration module:

Screens are created user management, high, low, modification and consultation
Create screens of management of certificates, high, low, modifications and query. With preview of the certificate, loading of the certificate through file and download of the certificate .cer file

In the file "whatsnew.txt" included in the kit are detailed all improvements which incorporates the version.

Information on the new signature provider of FNMT CloudID

The agency who wants to make use in FIRe service of FNMT-RCM CloudID must contact directly with the FNMT-RCM. The CAID has no information on the high and use of this service.

Contact mail to request registration in service CloudID is:


Institutions that already have some sort of agreement with the FNMT-RCM may also use this account from the first moment for accessing CloudID technical support.

More information in the FIRe solution the CTT

  • Identity and electronic signature