PAe - public hearing of the royal decree regulates the reuse information public Sector
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Public hearing of the royal decree regulates the reuse information public Sector

    27 february 2018

    The procedure for a public hearing will be open until the next 20 march for receipt of comments.

    The Law 18/2015 (Opens in new window) of 9 july, incorporated into the spanish legal system the changes introduced by the directive 2013/37/eu, amending the act 37/2007 of 16 november, on re-use of public sector information. This act enshrines the unequivocal obligation to administrations and public sector information to be available, with exceptions provided, as well as better regulation of the formats and the incorporation of the principle of marginal costs in the calculation of charges for reuse of documents.

    It is necessary to undertake a regulatory development updated this normative status, complete and provide more legal certainty in this new scenario. This royal decree, which is now to the process of hearing, is coming to address this need. Develops law 37/2007 of 16 november, incorporating developments heralded by the community directive 2013/37/Eu, of 26 june, giving the concept of making available the information in the face of the authorization, in addition to establishing a robust model of governance to ensure proper coordination of initiatives carried out in the area of open data. In this regard, it is placed on the use of synergies with the policies of transparency.

    The procedure for hearing and public information aims to collect the views of citizens rights holders and legitimate interests are affected by an already drafted policy project, either directly or through the organizations or associations that represent, as well as to obtain as many additional contributions to other persons or entities. This shall be located published in the site of the ministry of finance and Public Service (Opens in new window) . The receipt of contributions will be open until 20 march.

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