PAe - the system of record linkage (SIR) consolidates itself as a service of electronic administration.
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The network system of registers (SIR) consolidates itself as a service of electronic administration.

13 february 2018

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Since its implementation has increased by 15 the number of electronic records annually submitted via Crs. The current number of exchanges exceeds 5.600.000, conducting an average of 300,000 monthly exchanges.

The figures of exchanges of registration processed through the platform SIR, testifying to the exponential growth in its use, both by Governments and citizens and businesses. This line of trend to increase in the coming years with the additions of the administrations that have not integrated.
To be exchanged electronically registration and its enclosures digitalised estimated savings in a shipment of average size is 4 euro.

Currently integrated offices for assistance on records of the three levels of administration: State, Autonomous Communities (except Navarra) and a quarter of the spanish Municipalities, as well as several universities. Well over 65 per cent of the spanish population has a 'Office SIR' next to your home.

In addition the citizens and companies can interact electronically with the government services through the Electronic Register of AGE (REC) with internet access and digital certificate. Since the entry into force of law 39/2015 last 2nd october 2016 there has been given by the REC twelve registration up to date, to overcome the 2,000 per day.

Graphic seats sent by SIR by Implementation annually


Seats sent by SIR by Implementation annually
For 2013 147.642 4.397 121.464 20.329 1,452
During 2014 482.407 218.481 210.610 50.578 2.738
In 2015 873.198 396.930 334.421 136.579 5.268
During 2016 1.661.190 722.028 635.971 219.508 83.683
During 2017 2.201.448 714.100 675.272 452.276 359.800

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