PAe - publication of new versions of v1.6 Miniapplet v1.6 and Self-Signature
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Publication of new versions of v1.6 Miniapplet v1.6 and Self-Signature

23 january 2018

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Provisions have been many improvements and fixes in both solutions.

Are already published new versions of Miniapplet 1.6 and Self-Signature 1.6 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

This is a version of maintenance that fixes many bugs and updated the internal libraries. Among the main improvements and fixes applied, are as follows:

  • Compatibility with Java 9
  • Allowed score in the insertion of PIN cards/ESTAMOS Italy.
  • Adds support for the deployment of Self-Signature as Java WebStart implementation.
  • The audit of the certificates of SSL connections. This implies that the connections with the services of intermediate server, sensorless signature service JNLP deployment must be securizadas (in either case) with certificates of confidence for Java.
  • Improvements in the use of proxies.

You can find information about the new version in the download area of the PAe. Remember that to obtain the version of the MiniApplet signed by the General secretariat of Digital Administration must enter as a registered user of the PAE (only available for public administrations).

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