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American Bank - PAe development and the government of Spain exchanged open software repositories
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American bank development and the government of Spain exchanged open software repositories

14 December 2018

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The tools can be adapted and reused free by governments and institutions

The Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and the government of Spain, through its center of technology transfer (CTT), have established a partnership for the federation of your repositories of digital tools open so that governments and organizations latin america and Caribbean and Europa can benefit from the supply of both institutions, adapting and reusing the respective codes to solve problems of development and meet needs of people and communities.

Each year, governments around the world spend many resources in software licenses and other digital tools to promote smart cities, simplify administrative procedures, improve mechanisms for prosecution, mitigate climate change impacts, strengthening health care, among other areas of development. If these tools are open to be shared and adapted to new uses, governments and organizations could achieve huge savings and economies of scale. With the alliance, both institutions are going to enhance the scope of codes available in their platforms.

Since the BID, the platform for development Code (Opens in new window) it is part of its strategy to promote the opening of knowledge to improve lives in the region, and acts as a broker, where you can download the source code for its use, as well as provide source code for that others can benefit.

Among several tools available, are HydroBID (Opens in new window) , un sistema para simular escenarios de recursos hídricos de distintas cuencas de la región, y Massive change detection (Opens in new window) que a través de la aplicación de inteligencia artificial en imágenes satelitales, ayuda a gobiernos locales a la actualización de catastros.

“ the software and digital tools are fundamental to design, implement and evaluate projects and programmes. We are offering an open window to the developers of the platform of Spain, enriching our offer with more options for the countries of the region, and promoting our developers platform towards Europa, ” said Karen Mokate, head of the division of knowledge of the BID.

Collaboration between both institutions will be two-way. On the one hand, federated search engine del Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología (CTT) permitirá que los usuarios del CTT tengan conocimiento y acceso a las soluciones ofrecidas por el BID.

On the other hand, the BID shall be incorporated into its catalogue of digital solutions open the solutions developed by the Spanish public administrations that may be more useful in the context of Latin America. Among the first built-in tools are the following:

  • CONSUL desarrollada por el Ayuntamiento de Madrid, que ayuda a gobiernos a desarrollar consultas a la población vía móvil.
  • The the client @firma suite desarrollada por el Gobierno de España para su uso por cualquier Administración Pública permite implementar la autenticación y firma electrónica avanzada de una forma rápida y efectiva.
  • Archive provides the necessary tools for the creation of a system of administration and management multidepartmental File centres, as well as the integration into Archive of the corresponding consuming applications and the management of documents and electronic records referred by the same.
  • INSIDE allows fully electronic document management of documents of management alive in the file as a prelude to the final archiving of the documentation in an interoperable format and lasting.
  • LOGIN es una plataforma modular que integra tres componentes principales: una sede-e; un completo gestor para la tramitación electrónica de los expedientes que se inician en la sede; y una herramienta para su administración y configuración, que incluye un gestor de contenidos de la sede y un editor de formularios propio.

On the BID

The American Bank of development aims to improve lives. Founded in 1959, the BID is one of the main sources of long-term funding for economic development, social and institutional Latin america and Caribbean. The BID also conducts research projects edge and offers advice on policies, technical assistance and training to public and private customers throughout the region.

On the CTT

The Technology transfer centre aims to promote the reuse of solutions for all the Spanish public administrations. In the directory solutions of the CTT it is possible to find more than 300 reusable solutions advocated since the Spanish public administrations still possible to find developments open source, common services, services in cloud and assets semantic

The CTT is the answer to Article 158 of law 40 / 2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector, and Article 17 of the Royal Decree 4 / 2010, of January 8th, that regulates the schema national of Interoperability in the field of E-government.

Publication at the BID (Opens in new window) .

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