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PAe - Published the report IRIA 2018
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Published the report IRIA 2018

11 December 2018


The report IRIA 2018 presents an analysis of the most significant indicators of the digital transformation in the year 2017 local administrations

Already available for consultation the report IRIA 2018 with the analysis of indicators more representative of the digital transformation in local administrations including Spanish deputy, councils, Assemblies and municipalities participants. The information has been updated to 1 January 2018, being the period of the survey for the year 2017.

After the last modification by royal decree law 806 / 2014, 26 September, creates the commission of TIC Strategy, among others, the role of “ act as observatory of electronic administration and Digital Transformation ”. To this end, the commission of the TIC Strategy of “ information collection of technological resources, human, economic and related to information technologies ” and published in the Portal of Electronic Administration (PAe) combined presenting the results of these studies. The report IRIA falls in this area, and has been published every two years since 1988, making it coincides with the publication of the report Queen.

For this edition IRIA 2018, has been updated the questionnaire with the aim of placing value on the degree of progress in digital transformation that the local Administration has developed "smart cities ”, as well as to align the report with the objectives of the action Plan on Electronic Administration of the HAT 2016-2020.

The study IRIA 2018 presents the results collected on different aspects related to the digital transformation divided into seven sections:

  1. TIC policies digital transformation. From 30,000 inhabitants over 40% of municipalities has developed plans for the digital transformation and have provided some organizational structure to manage them.
  2. Services focused on the citizen. 14 electronic services analyzed electronic payment is the most used by citizens and the electronic invoice by companies.
  3. Momentum for automated administrative actions. The management of documents and electronic records begins to be more common, as well as the electronic signature of documents.
  4. Open government. In transparency large municipalities have made significant progress, as in citizen participation in the process of developing standards. Facebook is the social network more used by local entities with a 33% of penetration against the rest.
  5. TIC costs. The total expenditure in information technology and communications in the Local administration, in 2017, almost $1.12 billion euros.
  6. TIC personnel. The number of employees TIC working in local entities is around 20.117, which puts the staff TIC (labour more official) on the total number of people working in the municipalities Spanish in the 3.5% over total employees.
  7. Equipment in local entities. The equipment remained relatively stable.

The figures contained in the report IRIA are also published in the formats prosecutable XLSX and ODS that form part of our policy RISP.

The full report can be downloaded in the Electronic Administration observatory of PAe


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