PAe - celebration of the week of open administration
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Celebration of the week of open administration

27 april 2018

This initiative falls within the "Open Gov Week" driven by the global Alliance for the Open government.

On the occasion of the week of the Open Administration, public administrations and civil society organizations have organized around 300 events, open to the citizenship, which was held from 7 to 11 may 2018.

In the Transparency Portal of the General state administration (Opens in new window) they are set out all events of the week of the Open Government, and the registration forms for all people to choose according to their place of residence, preferences or interest, that or those in which they would like to be.

With this new initiative, driven by the global level Partnership for Open Government (Opens in new window) , which Spain is part, the government in collaboration with the autonomous communities and the spanish federation of municipalities and County shall comply with one of the measures contained in the Third Plan of Open Government, which is currently in progress.

School children, youth, representatives of the third sector, consumers and users, professionals and rest of society will have the opportunity during this week and whatever its province of residence to learn more about how they work inside the institutions and Public Administrations, to participate actively in the numerous open days, workshops and seminars and many other events, which have been programmed under one common thread: disseminate among the citizenry the commitment of all public authorities with the values of Open Government -transparencia, accountability, participation and collaboration interadministrativa and with civil society whose development is being promoted in order to provide a better service to citizens.

In the development of the week, has participated both General state administration, which has programmed activities organized by different ministries and offices and Branches of government, as the autonomous communities and autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. It had collaborated with local entities, and civil society organizations and other entities have also contributed to the success of this initiative.

The ministry of finance and public function, through the secretariat of state of public service, has coordinated the holding of this week and want to acknowledge the joint work of all persons from the participating organizations have cooperated with its dedication to the realization of this innovative initiative designed by, for and with the citizenry.

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