PAe - the deadline to submit new data sets in the guide FEMP open database
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The deadline to submit new data sets in the guide FEMP open database

23 april 2018

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The group of open network of local government agencies by transparency and citizen participation of the FEMP wide the working group to continue the identification of data sets to harmonise the publication of open and facilitate their management.

This time we are looking for 20 new dataset join 20 already posted on the Guide FEMP open database (Opens in new window) in 2017, whose aim was to disseminate guidelines and recommendations to facilitate the setting up of data by public administrations and facilitate their reuse. It is noteworthy that 11 of these groups have already been included in the Technical Standard UNE 178301:2015 obtain AENOR (Opens in new window) , which estandariza publication. These data sets, ranging from public contracts up to the status of traffic through the budgets, the cultural agenda or data related to air quality.

The past 10 april met the working group that will carry out the definition of the new data sets, in an open meeting where attendees had the opportunity to make its vision and define the next steps. This working group is composed of local entities, universities, the association ASEDIE, self-employed and entrepreneurs, companies and institutions as Red.es registrar (Opens in new window) . During this meeting also showed the work of dissemination carried out through various conferences, courses and presentations.

The following steps are now:

  • Until 23 april, those citizens who so wish may propose new data sets you consider to be of interest through this document (Opens in new window) . Each proposal should include a description or explanation which detail the expected benefit.

  • Between 24 and 26 april the vote will be open to select the 20 new data sets that will add to existing ones.

  • On friday, 27 april there will be different sets of data between the members of the working group and those wishing to contribute to this initiative.

  • From 28 april and 16 may be carried out the work of analysis and definition, along the same patterns used by the Spanish federation of County and Privincias (FEMP) (Opens in new window) in 2017, so that all the information being unified.

The result will be the definition of the total 40 datasets proposed in the month of july. It will also be issued an executive summary of the guide to open data FEMP translated into other languages to facilitate its dissemination. this way help wanted those municipalities, spaniards and foreigners who wish to develop and publish data sets, themselves in a simple and efficient way, promoting its reuse.

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