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Released on Tracker Observatory of Web accessibility EUPL v1.2 licensed

28 november 2017

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This tool can be reused for other states or institutions to conduct periodic reviews of accessibility of large numbers of portals, in line with the demands of the Directive Web accessibility and Mobile Applications of the public Sector .

The Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the european parliament and of the council of 26 october 2016, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices of the public sector agencies (Opens in new window) establishes the conditions, with regard to their accessibility, which will have to comply with all websites and mobile applications of the public sector: the state, regional, local, universities, etc. It also establishes that the member states should undertake periodic reviews of accessibility and report thereon to the european institutions.

The spanish state maintained, since the year 2010, the Observatory crawler of Web accessibility, to the objectives of monitoring, reporting and follow-up at the spanish state. Accordingly, in the new european context, in which all member states will have to work to monitor the accessibility of its public web sites, the ministry of finance and Public Service has decided to release their tool for internal use as free software . In this way, could be exploited by other states or institutions to carry out periodic revisions of accessibility.

The Public Sector english already has at your disposal for years the free use of diagnostic service on line Accessibility community to be necessary Only to register in it.

Tracker OAW is the tool that enables carrying out the various iterations of Web accessibility observatory (OAW) and the use of diagnostic service available online through Community of Accessibility . The Sniffer OAW can verify the accessibility of a website and automatic generation of reports from nearly 100 audits implemented in the platform, while providing recommendations on how to solve the problems identified.

The revision of accessibility OAW studies with a automatic methodology based on standard UNE 139803:2012 Metodologia Observatory of WEB accessibility (Opens in new window) (WCAG 2.0), developed specifically for the Observatory of Web Accessibility. This methodology takes into account Only 20 accessibility checks. And each verification is composed by a number of checks that are performed automatically. It has also been possible to include some checks usually review manual metric through specialized.

OAW tracker allows you to all the parameters for a iteration the observatory (portals, pages by portal, methodology, frequency, etc.) and of course to implement and monitor the entire process of implementation and verification . It creates the reports of findings and results requirements to both the overview of status of accessibility in a particular domain as get the detailed reports for each portal to facilitate the resolution of existing problems.

In addition the sniffer OAW is used by the diagnostic service available online in the community Accessibility to obtain an estimate, on demand, which would be the outcome on each iteration. To facilitate the future correction and collation of any errors in the portal.

Tracker OAW analyses of twice a year more than 700 portals representing the official analysis of approximately 25,000 pages. Likewise, through the diagnostic service line is requested in the analysis of more than 60,000 pages annually.

Technologically, product is constructed from free software tools that in addition to its provision has also been utilized free products, such as apache tomcat, mysql, etc. This tool was developed initially by the former INTECO. After its transformation in the current INCIBE (Opens in new window) , over all source code and materials were assigned to the MINHAFP has given continuity to the product and that now, once released, offers all possible stakeholders.

More information on the solution OAW Tracker .

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Released the Spanish Web Accessibility Observatory Tracker tool with EUPL v1.2 license

The OAW Tracker is the tool that allows the Government of Spain perform the different iterations of the Web Accessibility Observatory (OAW) and the usage of the online diagnosis service available from the Accessibility Community . The OAW Tracker allows the accessibility verification of a website and generates the automatic reports taking in consideration almost 100 check-points implemented in the platform, and also provide recommendations about how to solve the detected problems.

The accessibility review of the OAW is performed by an automatic methodology based on the UNE 139803:2012 (WCAG 2.0) standard (Opens in new window) , developed ad-hoc for the Web Accessibility Observatory. This methodology has into account 20 accessibility checks. Each check is composed by many checks (more than 100) that are automatically executed. In addition, it includes other automatic checks, using specialized rules, which are usually perform manually.

The OAW Tracker allows the configurations of all the needed parameters to perform one observatory iteration (list of web portals, web pages per portal, methodology, frequency, etc) and also allows to perform and to review all the execution process . Furthermore, it allows the generation of the conclusions reports and the needed results, to obtain the accessibility overall view in one sector and also to obtain the detailed reports for each web portal containing all the existing problems.

In addition, the OAW Tracker is used by the online diagnosis service available in the Accessibility Community in order to obtain an estimation, under demand, of which will be the results in an official iteration, ease the future correction and comparison of the possible errors present in the web portal.

The OAW Tracker analyse two times in a year more than 700 web portals, which means roughly the analysis of 25.000 web pages in a year. Also, through the online diagnosis service it’s requested the analysis of more than 60.000 web pages per year.

From the technological point of view, this product has been built using free software tools and its provision is possible thanks to free software tools like apache, tomcat, mysql, etc. This tool has been initially developed by INTECO (National Communications Technology Institute). When this institute was converted to  INCIBE (Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute) all the source code and materials were transferred to the Ministry of Finance and Public Function which has been using and evolving the project, and now, has released the product and has offered it to all the  possible stakeholders.

More information of the OAW Tracker .

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