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Publication of the Web Services REA-AGE query

07 november 2017

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Estos servicios son conformes a la Ley 39/2015 y Orden HFP/633/2017

The Electronic Register of Seizure (REA) is an electronic record apoderamientos, representation and to establish and manage the representations that stakeholders would empower others, so that they can act in his name in electronic form to the General state administration and/or their agencies linked or dependants.

The seizure is an allotment that citizens may attach to third parties to act on their behalf or in certain proceedings. The REA allowed to do so by electronic means.

The availability of the Web Services for searching the registry electronic Apoderamientos of AGE, including the consultation of the powers specified by law 39/2015, according to models of the order HFP/633/2017, of 28 june, on certain models of powers that are registrable in the electronic register of Apoderamientos of the General state administration and in the electronic register of apoderamientos of local entities and provides valid signature for apoderamientos apud record by electronic means.

More information Seizes solution of the PTT.

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